Plumbing services Waterlooville

General and emergency plumbing services in Waterlooville

We know how frustrating a plumbing issue can be in your home or business. A clogged drain, a non-flushing toilet, or a leaky pipe can all seem minor at first and quickly turn into a headache later on. 

Our team has more than 40 years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry, so when you take advantage of our services you can be sure our work is carried out in a professional and competent manner. 

We offer a no obligation free estimate before we begin any work, and can provide alternative options as well. Not sure if you want to repair or replace a faulty pipe? Let us offer our opinion!

Plumbing services you can count on

  • We can handle any type of plumbing issue from a minor clog in your sink to a major blockage in your toilets, pumps or copper pipes
  • Sewage back-up can be a disastrous issue, so let us provide high pressure jetting services to keep the waste pipes clear and unblocked
  • Are you ready for cold weather? Our technicians can offer radiator and boiler repairs and maintenance. This includes unvented, pressurised and motorised valve systems 
  • Our professional and courteous team can visit residential homes or commercial properties as needed. Schools, hotels, offices and other public spaces are all included
  • All of the services we offer come with a 12-month guarantee. This gives you the peace of mind you need and deserve for an entire year
Plumbing Services

We have your plumbing and heating requirements covered

Whether you are looking for general information or would like to schedule a service call in the Waterlooville area, you can contact us at any time. 

If you are in need of emergency plumbers at any hour, call our emergency service line at 01489 222 059. We'll get to your location quickly to help stop leaks, burst pipes or sewage from backing up.
  • We offer a fast, friendly and cost effective solution for any
  • plumbing and central heating work.
  • Call Prestige Plumbers in Waterlooville on
0800 0886 417
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