When you need a tradesperson, it’s important to get the right one, and while you can go by word of mouth or online reviews, there are many different things you need to look for when it comes to finding good plumbers. Whether it’s for an emergency such as a leak or blockage, or installation of a whole new system, there are many ways to find a plumber to suit your needs, so here are some things to think about.

1.       Check their credentials

Depending on the job, you’ll need to find a plumber who has the right qualifications. For example, those who have unvented systems will need to ensure that they use someone who is certified in these sorts of systems, while if it’s a job that involves gas, the plumbers will need to be Gas Safe registered. By checking these things, you can ensure you get a qualified, professional plumber who’ll do the best possible job.

2.       Get a detailed quote

Before any work takes place, it’s important to know exactly how much it’ll cost, and that you won’t be hit by any surprises. The cheapest quote isn’t always the best option, as it might not cover everything. Make sure you use plumbers who offer a full breakdown of costs, so you aren’t stuck with an unexpected expense at the end of the project.

3.       Check for voluntary schemes

In addition to the legally required qualifications, look for memberships of any voluntary trade bodies. This shows:

·        The company is interested in offering the best service

·        You have some come back if things go wrong

·        The company are interested in professional development

·        High standards are being upheld

If a plumber has taken the time to join government schemes such as trading standards approval, then you get extra reassurance that when they work on your pressurised systems, you will get the best levels of service and quality.

4.       Check online reviews

Online reviews aren’t always the most reliable way to check out a company, after all, it can be hard to verify if they are real. But they do build up a picture of what a business is like. Look for local plumbers who have built good reviews over a long period, rather than a load of excellent reviews from a short period, which can indicate they might not be genuine.

5.       Ask friends and family

One of the best ways to find a firm that offers good service is to ask friends and family. If you know someone who has recently had plumbing work done, find out who they have used and whether they were happy with the service. The best plumbers get most of their work via word of mouth, so it’s often the best way to find someone ideal.

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