In most cases, a blocked drain is an easily solved problem that tends to be caused by poor maintenance or using your drain in the wrong way – such as disposing of non flushable or non drain-friendly items. To prevent you from experiencing a serious blockage, this blog will cover the top five things that should never be sent down your drain.


Oil and fat

A lot of homeowners don’t realise the effect that fats and oils can have on your drain, as once they are sent down they will begin to harden as they cool – blocking the drainpipe in the process. It’s estimated that around 75% of all blockages are caused by fats, oils and grease, costing millions of pounds each year to rectify. Instead, when cooking the excess should be scraped out of the cooking tray or dish and throw in the bin, or put in a container and left to cool in the ridge which makes it easier to dispose of.



Hair is probably one of the most common causes of blockages within the home. If this is the problem, you may notice that water has started to rise in your bathtub or hair may be visible within the plug hole. Although you may be able to remove some hair, large clumps can build up in the drainpipe which are too far down to be pulled out by hand – in this case a professional plumber may be your best option.


Sanitary products

The most important design feature of sanitary products, is their ability to retain fluid – so flushing them down the toilet will only encourage them to expand. The only way to properly dispose of sanitary items is in the bin, which is a simple and effective way of minimising your chances of a blockage.



Even wipes that claim to be ‘flushable’ should not be flushed down the toilet. From baby wipes to makeup wipes, these can cause serious problems which could leave you with a hefty bill. Sewage systems are not designed to be household cesspits, so don’t create one!


Food scraps

Food waste should not be disposed of down your sink. Residents should utilise the food waste bins that are provided by the council to get rid of old food. Food items such as potatoes and pasta can be a particular nuisance, as their substances is more difficult to dislodges or more likely to get tangled in the pipe.

If you suspect your drains have become blocked due to incorrect disposal, then Prestige Plumbers can return functionality to your home. With our expert team on call, you can rest assured that you’ll receive great service and quick solutions to your drainage problems. For more information get in touch today.