Boilers are the core appliance of any home, we rely on it daily for hot water and central heating which are basic necessities. But, despite its level of importance many people forget to have their boiler serviced meaning they run into unexpected problems further down the line.

Carry on reading to learn why boiler servicing is so important.



During the winter, having a warm and comfortable home will help to maintain good health when weather-related conditions are at their peak. It’s recommended that your home should be at a minimum of 18 degrees, but ideally between 18 and 21 degrees for comfortable and safe living. However, the lower your thermostat is set, or with no heating at all, the more you’re at risk of getting ill. Cold temperatures can affect everyone, but those most vulnerable include people over 65, young children, those with long-term conditions and pregnant women. If you or family come under any of these categories it’s even more important that your boiler is serviced and in good working order.



During a boiler service a Gas Safe engineer conducts several tests, including checking for signs of carbon monoxide. As a colourless and odourless gas, carbon monoxide can be difficult to detect by those untrained making the household vulnerable to its impact on the body. If your boiler has even a small gas leak, you may start to experience a range of symptoms that will make you feel unwell, and according to NHS guidelines carbon monoxide is the cause of around 60 deaths per year across England and Wales.


Unexpected costs

Nobody likes unexpected costs, especially when you haven’t budgeted for it. The price of replacing an entire boiler is expensive, so don’t leave small issues to manifest into something more troublesome. As you do with your car, you should arrange annual servicing to your boiler which can cost anything between £60 and £100. If your boiler breaks down during the winter, you could find yourself without hot water and central heating during the coldest time of the year- doubling costs and sending you into panic mode!


Utility costs

A poorly functioning boiler could send your utility bills sky high. If you know your boiler is old, take extra care of it by calling in an expert to check how it’s running each year. You may have noticed that your utility bills have increased yet your usage has stayed the same, however, a fault with your boiler may be the cause. A broken thermostat, for example, may not turn off when it’s supposed to meaning your bill is a lot more than usual.

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